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Small Cart (Style: Ancient Worlds)

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Compatible with: Unity 2.6, Unity 3.x, Unity iPhone/iPad 1.7, Unity 2.6 and 3.0, Unity3 Android, Unity3 iOS, Unity3 Pro, Unity3, Unity 2.6 Pro, Unreal Development Kit

Semi-realistic cart model in the 'Ancient Worlds' style. Great for any epic, ancient, medievil or mediterranean game. The wheel mesh is separate from the chassis which allows you to either animate the cart or apply physics to the meshes when, for example, the cart gets destroyed in-game.

Amount of Meshes: wheel 1x, chassis 1x

Total Polygons: 550 polies

Textures: 1x diffuse/color map, 1x normal map (both 512 x 512 px)

File Formates Included: DAE, OBJ, LWO (Lightwave), MB (Maya), LXO (Modo), FBX (Unity, Unreal, Autodesk Packages, etc)

Both indie and commercial licensing available.

Added on May 19, 2011 in


Indie license 7
Commercial license 21

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