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X-Track Construction Set - Racing Model Pack

Compatible with: Unity 3.x, Unity3 Android, Unity3 iOS, Unity3 Pro, Unity3

This is a complete pack of models for building race tracks and environments. I created these for use in my own game, but they are universal and can be used over and over. Track pieces make it easy to construct your track utilizing Unity's snap feature. Just drag, drop, and position, EASY!

Model Pack Includes:

Track Pieces: - Curve - Curve w/Bumper around edges - Curve w/Guard Rail - Straight - Straight w/Bumper around edge - Straight w/Guard Rail - 5 Different Textures - 4 Asphalt, 1 Dirt

Track Environment: - Walk Bridge Over Track - Control Tower - Grandstand (Large) - Grandstand (Small) - JumboTron Video Screen - Light Pole (Starting Lights) - Portable Toilets - Speaker Tower - Pit Tents

All Royalty Free for use if your finished game project.

Includes 1 Demo Scene that can be used in your projects as well.

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Indie license 19
Commercial license 35

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All this for 25$ Amazing deal!

on August 2, 2011


Thanks! Enjoy the models:)

on August 2, 2011



on October 6, 2011


Great pack! I'll buy it after I become a seller on this site with the money from my own prefabs.

on October 6, 2011


i am making a game but on my own and don't have loads of time if i was to buy this would i be able to change it a bit and sell it ?

on October 13, 2011



You can sell as compiled game, but you cannot resell models as pack or individually. Basically, its models and scene for use in your game development, you can use scene as is or change it how you like.


on October 13, 2011