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Mobile Top Down Shooter Gamekit

Compatible with: Unity 3.x, Unity3 Android, Unity3 iOS, Unity3 Pro, Unity3

Mobile Top Down Shooter Gamekit: by Jonay Rosales González A.K.A. DonBarksGheist

Save months of programming time adquiring this Gamekit for make your own top down shooters for mobile devices (Android and iOS).

• Posibility to use the code on different platforms (Web Player have problems with Playerprefs script for mobiles devices).

• Code done 100% in C# • 2 Top Down Control types: Typical (Two Joysticks) and Old School (one joystick and a button to shoot) with all player properties needed .

• Pasue Button and Change Weapon System with Buttons included

• Weapon Properties scripts that let you customize all the logic of player ́s and enemies weapons properties: damage, reload ratio, firerate, proyectile, types of shooting and much more.

• 4 Types of Enemy AI Behaviours: ◦ Dumb AI: melee AI without obstacle avoidance ◦ Handy AI: melee and attack ranged AI withour obstacle avoidance ◦ Horde AI: melee AI with Waypoint AI System ◦ Smart AI: melee and attack ranged AI with Waypoint AI System and Simple Patrol System.

• Simple and Configurable Spawn Director, with random “Spawn-Rate” change. • 3 Game built-in Game Modes for include in your levels: ◦ Survival: Survive as long as you can aganist hordes of enemies. Player can achieve extra bonus points if reaches the level ́s record. ◦ Cleaning: Kill a certain number of enemies, once reached this amount, you have a certain time for kill the rest of enemies of the level. If you kill them all, you recieve bonus points. ◦ Run or Die: Make your path to reach the save area in the minor time possible. If you achieve a new record, you win bonus points.

• 2 Item Scripts: one for weapon ́s ammo and other for health and/or armor. • Included a Custom Playerprefs script for mobile devices (works on other platforms except Webplayer).

• A stage clear scene that shows your level stats, bonus points, level score and global score.

• Free Updates and great feedback: Tell me what you want in this Script Pack and I ́ll put on the next update release.

Product Documentation:

Package Contents:

-All the art assets and prefabs necessary for testing - 5 Example Scenes for test the gamekit. - Almost 3000 Lines of code in 42 Scripts.

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Indie license 150
Commercial license 280

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added Documentation documen, you can download it here:

on August 29, 2011


Just bought this and I am having problems running the examples. The first error that comes up saying "walk animation could not be played b/c it could not be found!". I fix this by changing walk to run_forward (Melee Enemy and Dumb Enemy). Next bug I get is "hit" animation could not be play b/c it could not be found!"

Should all the enemies be capsules except the smart enemy? Not sure if it is missing some animation and character designs.

Any help would be appreciated thank you!

on August 30, 2011


Also could you explain the differences between the mobile top down shooter vs the 3d top down shooter.

The art asset in the project do not match ones seen on the screen shots (ex. zombies missing), but the descriptions say all assets included for testing.

Thank You.

on August 30, 2011


Hey me again!

Found 2 more bugs for ya: First was when compiling for the android the smoothfollow script is missing the declare statements for some of the variables. Second the bullets immediately collide with the player upon firing hence killing the player.
Third the performance on the android (Galaxy S Vibrant) has some problems with FPS, random lag spikes ex. 10 FPS. With no enemies on screen.


on August 31, 2011


hi noobrunner, the Melee enemy prefabs are capsules because the enemy mesh that i was using have a license that dosen´t let me publish on the Gamekit. Try to create fake animations(simply create an animation and put his respective name) and add in the enemy or player component Animation that needed for enjoy the test scenes without problems. Handy and Smart enemy have the angry bots model. If you still have problems with the devkit, mi Skype ID is donbarksgheist. Thanks for your purchase.

on August 31, 2011


well, the bugs about projectiles that collides with player. I don´t know why Unity don´t save the layers set up on Packages (but saves only tags instead), on the documentation(is on the first comment of this product) there´s the layer set up. and here´s the image of Physic´s layer configuration ( Remember add enemyProjectile layer to enemy projectiles and playerProjectile layer to player projectiles.

the zombies meshes are from 3DRT zombies pack, so i cannot use it due to therms of license (I´ll put the robots of angry bots instead on next update for less problems).

Is strange that smothfollow makes problems with android compilation (stills a Javascript unity script...). There´s another camera script on iOS scripts folder named CameraController, is almost like smoothfollow but dinamicly zooms when find obstacles between player and camera and is made in C#.

I cannot test on Android but, tell me if the perfomance is better when you solve these bugs. On iOS (ipod Touch 2nd gen) player (+3000 tris)+10 enemies with 700 each vertices on screen drops me 20-25 fps on my tests. I think that you need to test with models with lesser polycount to se the real performance on this kit. Maintain me informed about your Android tests please.

on August 31, 2011


Is there a demo I can view? Thank you.

on April 14, 2013