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Point-Click Cam (C#)

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Compatible with: Unity 2.6 and 3.0

Camera Kit: Point-Click Gameplay: 
Top-Down Camera Kit with the following features:

  • Point-click control over character
  • Easily switch character(s)
  • Follow mode can be turned on/off
  • Browse the map in 'free cam mode'
  • Adjustable screen edges (mouse)

This phenomenal top-down camera helps you to quickly build your top-down game. Be it an RPG, turn based, tower defense or point & click game, this is what you need! If you're working on a RTS though, we recommend out RTS Camera Kit. 

There is also an iPhone version of this kit available! iPhone versions work in Unity iPhone, and will automatically adjust for an iPhone or iPad screen, so whether you're making iPhone or iPad games, these camera kits are for you! Watch the videos for more details.

Added on September 26, 2010 in Code


Indie license 15
Commercial license 45

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I'm having a problem with the character moving through the terrain. If there is a slope and you click on it the character will just move into the slope (or mountain) and not up the slope. Anyway I can set things so character will stay on top of terrain (or stop if too steep)? thanks

on February 5, 2011


Does this work on 3.3 ??

on March 23, 2011


@tornadotwins hey guys, I bought this script, but I'd like for the camera to stay in a fixed position, follow the player around and switch to a different camera when it gets beyond a certain point. Any ideas how to script this?

on November 19, 2012