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Advanced Character Kit (C#)

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Compatible with: Unity 2.6 and 3.0

Chris & TornadoTwins present:

One of the most anticipated prefabs of all-time! Over 3 coders and 3 artists have worked to get this off the ground over a span of five months.

This Character Kit is an incredible jumping off place for learning how to implement a fully controlled character in your own game!

There's full support for the following situations:


  • Transitioning to swimming in water,
  • Buoyancy (physics based floating behavior of body in water)
  • Climbing out of a pool
  • Shimmy left/right while hanging on the pool's ledge


  • Hanging from ledges
  • Shimmying side-to-side while hanging on ledge
  • Climbing up from ledge
  • Climbing ladders of any length (any number of ladders in your level)
  • Pull-up transition when reaching top of the ladder


  • Sliding off ramps that are too steep (with a Rigidbody)
  • Moving platforms (with a Rigidbody)
  • Jumping after an animation delay


  • Picking up objects
  • Having the character hold the item he picked up

This kit comes with four pre-set camera kits that are modified to fit the character:


  • Player Relative (camera follows character directly over-shoulder)
  • Camera Relative (camera follows character but faces direction set by the mouse)
  • First Person Shooter (camera attached to a bone inside the character's head)
  • Side Scroller (camera follows character from the side)

Although we recommend implementing your own character to fit your game, this kit comes with a character equipped with 17 animations


  • Idle while hanging
  • Move left while hanging
  • Move right while hanging
  • Hang + pull up transition to standing
  • Idle
  • Jump
  • Ladder climbing
  • Pick up object
  • Run backwards
  • Run forward
  • Strafe-run left
  • Strafe-run right
  • Swim forward
  • Swim to hang transition
  • Walk backwards
  • Walk forward
  • Jump with event
  • Pickup with event

Of course you can use the standard character in your game but you'll be happy to know this kit was built to support any character. We highly recommend constructing your own advanced character movements off of this kit.


Extensions: For making notifications like 'Press F to pick up item' look really nice, simply import the UPMessenger and UPNotifications prefab and everything works right away!


Added on October 16, 2010 in Code


Indie license 125
Commercial license 250

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FYI: the "Move right while hanging" and "Move left while hanging" animations are switched, the hands move in the wrong direction (As it is in the Demo).

on October 21, 2010


Yeah, that was a real head-slapper ;) I've already submitted corrected versions of the product and the webplayer, but it's basically a two-character change in the main script. If anyone has already purchased the add-on and wants to know what to correct, feel free to send me an email.

on October 21, 2010


This looks really cool! How will it work for iPhone? thanks! ~nick

on October 30, 2010


I got a problem with recent update. With a new updated version, when I climb up the pool side it falls down to the pool again - However, old version had no problem with it. Sadly, I overwrote this with new files, and I can't download these old files now. (it seems all download links are overridden.
Even if I click the old link from previous mail, it always downloads the new one, with 2010-10-24 23:43 scene file...)

on November 2, 2010


@Incomecountry That's interesting, I'm sorry to hear that. I'll take a look tonight and see if I can reproduce the issue. If you want, drop me a line using the comment link in the upper-left and I can email you the prior script, and/or ask more questions when I look into this. Thanks!

on November 2, 2010


@Cbackas Thanks for your concern.
With some more testing, I figured out the problem is only for a play test in the Unity editor mode.
When I make a stand-alone build and play it, it's all ok now. How strange...

on November 2, 2010


@Incomecountry that could still be indicative of a minor problem - though is makes me feel better that I didn't miss something blindingly obvious if it's not always occurring. Feel free to contact me directly if you want me to investigate this further, or if you find more information.

on November 2, 2010


@Appros There will be an iPhone edition in the near future, stay tuned!

on October 30, 2010


is there a way i can just get the model? if you say no the bunny will eat you!

!! (\/) ! (-_-) (''')-(''')

on November 4, 2010


noooooo!!! 0_0 the bunny broke

on November 4, 2010


Hi, i bought the prefab and want to know if there will be an update in wich the character can dive and jumping on a rope swinging with it? Mabe you can make a little tutorial on how to ad a new moving feature to the character like double jump, shoot with a bow, dance or such things !?

Also i am interested in the IPhone version. When will it come?

Thank you for making such a great prefab.

on November 19, 2010


@M_Stolley - No features like that planned as of yet, although we're thinking of adding quite a bunch (like attack moves, guns, etc). iPhone version coming really soon.

on December 3, 2010


iPhone / iOS version for Unity3 is being released this week! -TT

on January 8, 2011


Great to hear this :) I want to play with this on the Iphone.

on January 9, 2011


Hi. I bought the C# version and now have a request to make life a bit more easy.

I would really appreciate to have the animations available in Messiah format (or BVH that is recognized by Messiah). This would make it perfect when using an own model and messiah (or other applications).

on March 28, 2011


swim glich cant go anywhere

on May 28, 2011


"Compatible with: Unity 2.6 and 3.0" What about Unity 3.5?

on March 29, 2012


Does this kit work with Unity 3.5?

on July 6, 2012


would this kit work for the android

on July 19, 2013